Cuckoo Drink Fresh


Cuckoo?s ?Drink Fresh? Purifier is Super Slim, Stylish Light weighted Smart product suitable for home and workplaces. The product is power packed with ?Nano Positive Filter? which eliminates 99.9% of Norovirus, Filters Heavy Metals like Mercury, Iron, Aluminium etc, Improves water Taste, Removes harmful ingredients while passing minerals and NF membrane filters and keep harmful ingredients (Germs, algae, fungi etc) away from water.

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The Product has Modern Touch control panel which ensures for easy operation, Energy Eye, ensuring power saving, Easy to replace filter saving time and money.

Technology: Nano-Positive Plus filter, Tankless (Direct Flow), Super slim, smart and auto -quantitative heading feature, side open and space-saving design with Safety lock and cup mode feature. Recommended for up-to 350 TDS on government supply water.

Available in both Table Top and Wall Mounting which is so easy to fix it anywhere. Designed for small homes and workplaces. Filter Life Cycle 6000 Liters/ 1 Year*.
Removes Virus, bacteria and heavy metals by 5-Stage Filtration with 3 Filters (Sediment, Natural and Cuckoo?s Nano Positive Filter) and provides Mild Alkaline water at Ph level between 7-9 which is suitable for healthy drinking water according to WHO. Provide 1 Liter of water per minute.

Without Electricity Water Supply- It gives healthy and pure water even if there is no electricity which helps you to save electricity also. Filter Indicator with voice to change the filter. One can easily change the filter by himself.

Installation: Free installation is provided. For requesting an Installation/Demo for this product, call or contact us on Toll free No. 1800-212-1978 or orders@cuckooindia.in. Filter change: Outer Sediment (Optional) Free for 1st year, Warranty: 1+2 years extended warranty on electronics and electrical components of the product

Model: Cuckoo Drink Fresh
Temperature: Room
Capacity: Direct Flow
Colour: White
Number of Filter: 3 Filters (Sediment, Natural plus and Cuckoo?s Nano Positive Filter)
Included Components: Water Purifier, User Manual
Dimension (cm): 43.5*19*49
Item Weight: 4.24 kg
Warranty: 1 year on product

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